Strawberry “Ice Cream”

Strawberry “Ice Cream”

I love ice cream.  This is a good but not really highly sweet ice cream but with low carbs.

I love ricotta cheese and when I combined it with strawberry puree.  I placed it the freezer in a container.  I stirred it only 5or 6 times.  I came out beautiful.

  • 1- 32 ounces Frigo whole milk ricotta cheese
  • 1 pound package of Driscoll strawberry

I cut the tops off the strawberries.  The placed them in my food processor to puree for the ice cream.

I then added the whole carton of Frigo ricotta cheese.

I processed them with pulses until smooth and creamy.

I poured them all into a 3 quart Rubbermaid container.

It stayed in the freezer for about 3 hours.

I stirred about 2 times every hour.

A friend asked about sweeteners.

I liked it without any but she did it with 2 teaspoons of erythritol.

This is 4 carbs per teaspoon.

There is 60 carbs in the whole 32 ounces of Frigo ricotta cheese.

There is 18 carbs per cup of strawberry puree.


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