dehydrated carrots

Carrots are healthy and grow in the cool of the garden. Many parts of the country can grow carrots in gardens or as container plant. Carrots are a beautiful addtion to containers with a variety of plants. I have seen on food network using the carrots leaves as a paste like basil. The leaves are a pretty frilly additon to your planting in a garden or in a flower bed.

To dehydrate carrots cut raw carrots into shreds, slices, or diced. A food processor with the various attachments makes this very easy. You can do this by hand but I find that diffcult.

Usage of dried/dehydrated carrots are:

Use shreds in baked goods (esp. cookies with raisins and oatmeal) or turned into powder for drinks or to hide in other food items if you have picky kids.

Dices can added to dry/dehydrated soup mixed or make a nice addition to granola.

Use slices for veggie soup or a stew, also can used for additions to other baked veggie dishes. They are excellent in Au gratin potatoes.

Dehydrated carrots must be completely dry. Then they can turned into powder and used for color, texture, or flavor for frostings, baked goods, and roll homemade ice sandwiches in carrot powder,

When using dehyrated carrot, be certain these carrots are dry. This turns your dips into a healty and fresh experiences for your friends and family.

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