Category: dehydrated foods

This is for usage of dehydrated foods in your every day usage

watermelon candy

I have read of dehydrating watermelon. When I asked a friend, she said it sounded like candy. So, I decided to call it that.I cut a baby watermelon. It has less seeds. I cut into rectangular pieces and placed on the screens in my dehydrator,I check at 12 hours and see if all is ok. […]

Dehydrated spinach

I dehydrate whatever I grow or produce that I find on sale. spinach. I prefer baby spinach.  Two pounds of spinach dehydrated makes less than 1 quart of dried spinach.  It dehydrates in 6 hours and check not over dehydrated.  This can be used as: An addition to the sauce that goes into a pasta […]

dehydrated potatoes

Potatoes are easy to dehydrate. One must first par boil the potatoes, so the browning process is stopped.1. Grate them and dehydrate on parchment paper or fine mesh screens. This would be for hash browns or putting though the food processor for potato “flakes”2. Cut into chucks and use for breakfast “fries” or add to […]

dehydrated celery

Celery is easy to dehydrate. One cuts it in ¼ inch slices. I dehydrate mine on the fruit rolls sheets. You can do them on a finer mesh screen or on parchment paper. It takes 8 hours approximately to be dry. I store in a mason jar. Usage powdered1. I add to pasta dishes in […]

dehydrated carrots

Carrots are healthy and grow in the cool of the garden that many parts of the country can grow 2 or 3 gardens. Carrots dehydrate as shreds, slices, or diced. Usage of dried/dehydrated carrots are: Shreds can be used in baked goods (esp cookies with raisins and oatmeal) or turned into powder for drinks or […]