Simple and easy meditation

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Simple and easy meditation

With our everyday stress, we should take time to reduce stress and to center. I have found mediation since my retirement wishing I had done it daily before retirement. Loose comfortable clothing works the best, less restrictive. Calming music that is only with instrumentals makes it easier to clear your mind. Essential oils in a diffuser are completely necessary to me.. Lavender, peace and calm or stress away the later two from Young Living. I place a few drops on one of my wrists and rub them together or diffuse in my diffuser. Close your eyes and raise your arms up with cupping your hands. Sometimes praying , sometimes clearing my head, and other times just plainly relaxing. Shooting for 5 minutes up to 15 minutes. Could do more but guess it’s my OCD but that is ok. The more often you can meditate the better you feel. Sitting on the floor or folding my legs under me is not an option. But that is not necessary, just please try to medicate daily however is best for you. . We realize the long long days and stress of every day life. But, this is something you can do just for yourself.

God bless and Prayers,


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